Walter Morales

Grant For Future Educators

Who Is It For?

Education Students

The Walter Morales Grant for future educators aims to provide grant funding for a future ace educator who is currently studying towards a degree in education in the United States.

Future Stars

Walter has spent years as an educator both as a professor of finance at LSU, and through his charter schools in Louisiana, The Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies. Walter would like to give back to the next star educator with his grant fund for future educators.

Standout Students

Students who believe that they stand out from the crowd and think they can change the industry of education for the better are encouraged to apply for the grant. Walter wishes to reward students that strive to make a change.

Learn About The Walter Morales Grant


Walter Morales understands the difficulty involved in the educational field.  He has spent many years in the field and has concentrated especially in improving the urban education system.  Walter would like to reward a future star educator with his student grants to deserving students.  There are 2 awards available which are $2,000 for an undergrad/high school student, and $3,000 for a graduate student.  Walter also wishes that through his grant, that he raises awareness to the difficulties involved with urban education, and creates more opportunities for future educators of America.

Walter Morales

walter morales

Walter Morales is an entrepreneur and educator is over 30 years experience in education.  He spent many years as a professor at Louisiana State University, and is the founder of Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies, which runs several charter schools around the Baton Rouge area.  Walter is very active in the community in Baton Rouge, and is part of a variety of organizations, many of which focus on the urban education system.


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